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Breathing affects all of your body systems

By Kath Wong | February 26th, 2021

Stress is something people tend to face daily, especially now since the pandemic hits. What’s important is how we can learn to cope with it. Most people experience both stress and anxiety combined from time to time. Do you know what is the difference between the two? Stress is any demand placed on the brain or physical body, the feeling is often triggered by any event that makes you feel frustrated or nervous; while anxiety is a feeling of fear, worry or unease.

What does it feel…

Travel worry-free during this raging pandemic to the Land of Smiles with Alternative Quarantine Programs!

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By Afrina Ghazali | February 17th, 2021

Since the pandemic hit early 2020, all borders have been shut as a measure to control the rise in COVID-19 cases until recently, there have been numbers of countries announcing the official re-opening of their borders for travel, tourist and some, for medical purposes. …

Leaky gut might be causing your illness.

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By Kath Wong | February 8 2021

Leaky gut, also known as “increased intestinal permeability” is a digestive condition in which leakage of bacteria and toxins happen through the intestinal wall. In the past, medical professionals did not recognize this as a real condition but lately there has been an increase in scientific evidence proving that leaky gut exists and it may lead to multiple health problems later on.

In a leaky gut condition, bacteria and toxins that are leaked out from the intestinal wall would enter the bloodstream. This can cause widespread…

Save your skin from further consequences in no time

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Revive glowing and healthy skin

By Kath Wong | February 2 2021

Having a dull skin condition seems to be inevitable these days as there are various stimulating factors that could contribute and accumulate onto your skin day by day; in this article you will find out what can actually cause the skin dullness to worsen and how a skin treatment called Gluta Peel works on reviving dull skin.

1. The smoking habit and secondhand smoking

Smoking is never a best friend for your skin. The habit takes away the healthy, youthful skin of yours; nonetheless…

A Technology You’d Choose For The Revival Of Youthful Skin

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By Kath Wong | January 13 2021

When there are so many cosmetic dermatology treatments available, you start to wonder which one to actually go for and if it is effective for your skin, here in this article you will be introduced to one of the most effective anti-aging skin treatments with multi-benefits all in one go.

Innoplus+ is an innovative aesthetic system specially designed for face lifting and contouring. The technology behind this is a combination of radio frequency (RF) with filler injections in a platform, to help deal…

Skin rejuvenation method for sensitive skin.

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By Azra Shuib | January 5 2021

You don’t have to skip facial just because you have sensitive skin. In fact, facial treatments might just be what your delicate skin need. Exfoliating agents or lasers may be too harsh, but the aesthetic industry has a lot more to offer.

Allow us to introduce cryotherapy facial. Using cryogenics technology, cryotherapy facial is a new method that can tighten and enhance the surface of your skin, and it is suitable for all skin types too. …

If you haven’t started doing yoga, you’re missing out

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Improve your life by doing yoga regularly

By Azra Shuib | December 29 2020

Yoga has been gaining attraction from a lot of people these days, and that’s because almost anyone can do yoga. You don’t even have to be flexible or fit to do it. You also don’t have to be young, able-bodied or outdoors. It’s your choice to do demanding yoga poses or the easier ones for as short as 5 minutes or longer.

A lot of studies have shown the benefits of yoga and here are some of them:

1. Helps with weight loss


PicoDiscovery Laser: Treatment for Skin Rejuvenation, Pigmentation and Tattoo Removal

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The right treatments will make your skin feel irresistible

By Kath Wong | December 22 2020

Skin pigmentation often becomes the main problem to our skin as we are repeatedly exposed to sunlight and it is almost inevitable in our daily lives. Although It is simply the process where skin is darkened due to excessive melanin (pigmented cells) production, but unfortunately this causes uneven skin tone as pigmentation occurs in the form of various unpleasant spots, such as sun spots, melasma, freckles as well as age spots.

While we may think that age spots would only appear as we age, UVA and UVB rays nowadays have the effect to…

A Long-lasting Innovative Thread Lift Treatment

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Dazzle with youthful skin

By Kath Wong | December 3 2020

Ever wonder how different types of thread lifting are actually different from one another and sometimes you just don’t really know which one to go for? In this article today we will be guiding you through another type of non-surgical thread lift for face treatment — Tesslift Soft. Tesslift Soft is another non-surgical face lift treatment available to help with aging skin; but that’s not it.

Tesslift Soft has a unique technique when it comes to function with the skin tissues beneath the outer layers: mesh in-growth…

Sometimes, simple steps are all that you need.

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Early control steps for your acne can help with minimizing inflammation and scarring post-acne

By Azra Shuib | November 27 2020

Skin care routine is important, especially when you are prone to breakouts. A good and gentle regimen can help to remove excess oil, clear your pores from dirt and help to improve the conditions of existing blemishes.

What are the measures should you take to improve your skin texture? Here are some handy tips:

1. Gentle cleansers

Using harsh cleansers frequently can lead to dryness of the skin, which eventually increases your oil production. Keep everything gentle and oil-free to avoid suffocating your skin with…

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