4 Good Reasons To Say Yes To LASIK

700,000 people couldn’t be wrong.

There is still a chance to restore 20/20 vision

If you wear glasses for short-sightedness, you’ve probably heard of LASIK. But why LASIK?

While other refractive eye surgeries such as PRK and LASEK can also help correct myopia and are suitable for those with thin corneas, there are reasons why LASIK has been a favorite of surgeons. With LASIK, your newfound vision stabilizes at a faster rate. Downtime is at most, a week. You will also experience less discomfort during LASIK compared to PRK and LASEK. But best of all, there is a much lower risk for post-surgery infection for LASIK compared to other refractive eye surgeries.

Anyone who wishes to regain normal vision would also want to do so without thinning their wallets. But with various countries offering affordable LASIK procedures, there is no excuse not to get your eyes fixed. You should only ignore LASIK if you have: high blood pressure, cataracts, high astigmatism, severe dry eyes, corneal abnormality, any pain syndrome or glaucoma. If you are indeed free from the aforementioned symptoms, let’s jump into the 4 reasons to say yes to LASIK.

1. Clear vision Without Complications

Any kind of refractive eye surgery can improve your short-sightedness. But the difference is that LASIK is more effective at restoring vision. LASIK’s effectiveness lies in the fact that there are fewer complications associated with LASIK compared to LASEK and PRK. Moreover, LASIK is more effective in correcting myopia because it uses a laser to reshape the underlying tissue of the cornea. In LASEK and PRK, the cornea is reshaped only at the epithelial level. This means that LASIK is able to correct vision to a higher degree.

2. Trusted Technology

LASIK technology has been around for over two decades and is approved by the FDA. Like any other surgery, there will always be related risks. But research done by scientists at a German university in 2016 confirms the safety and efficacy of LASIK. Similarly, F.D.A.’s Dr. Eydelman stated that with Lasik, “like other medical procedures, there are risks,” but that it is “safe and effective when used as intended in accordance with approved use”. An academic survey of LASIK patients’ satisfaction reported that 92% of LASIK patients were fully satisfied with their surgery (from a sample size of more than 300 patients).

3. Affordable

The standard price for LASIK and other types of refractive eye surgeries are about the same. But because LASIK is more widely offered throughout the world, there are lots of clinics to choose from, making it possible for you to eventually settle on not just a reputable clinic, but a clinic that offers the best price. Some clinics even have partnerships with medical tourism agencies and online booking websites such as Trambellir, where prices of LASIK procedures from all over the world are being displayed. The fair display of prices lets you compare LASIK procedures around the world, allowing you to travel while attending an affordable LASIK procedure. In fact, since LASIK is a simple procedure with much shorter down time than LASEK and PRK, it makes for a brilliant medical tourism procedure.

4. Short Procedure, Short Recovery Period

Besides taking less than 20 minutes of your whole lifetime, LASIK is pain free. On the other hand, PRK and LASEK procedures are associated with discomfort. More importantly, LASIK has a much shorter downtime compared to LASEK. Because of this short downtime, you will start to see clearly in less than 2 days. Most people with LASIK return to work immediately after 1 or 2 days.

Love your eyes by restoring their ability to the fullest. Say yes to LASIK today.

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