Thai Massage is far from gentle, which makes it very satisfying

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

By Azra Shuib | May 5th, 2021

Traditional Thai Massage is widely known all over the world, but not many realize the benefits in the body recovery process. Athletes may not be unfamiliar with recovery massages, but Thai Massage is also suitable for those who just need a recharge or escape from the bustling city life and the never-ending workload at the office.

The Roots of Thai Massage

Thai Massage is said to have been developed more than 2,500 years ago. It’s very much associated with Buddhism, Ayurvedic practices…

Get flawless makeup that does not fade by the end of the day

Photo by Shiny Diamond from Pexels

By Azra Shuib |July 1 2021

A lot of us want to wake up in the morning with a face that takes zero effort. Not a lot of people can get out of the house feeling confident without a bit of mascara, lipstick or full-face makeup. And some people may find the routine to reapply makeup after certain activities inconvenient, but just can’t face the world with a paled lipstick after lunch.

Then there are those who feel that makeups are such a waste since they don’t…

The use and benefits behind cryosurgery explained.

Photo by Shiny Diamond from Pexels

By Kath Wong | June 22 2021

It is undeniable that people would always look and opt-in for any non- or minimally invasive treatments available that are at the same time affordable and effective. The same goes for the treatment for skin problems as well as tumours, instead of having repetitive sessions of laser treatments or injections, an alternative treatment known as Cryosurgery is recommended in certain cases.

The Cryosurgery

Cryosurgery is a minimally invasive yet effective treatment specially designed for skin problems that include abnormal tissues such as tumours, warts, sun spots, keloids, as…

The Natural Skin Plumper

By Kath Wong | June 17 2021

In beauty treatments and various skincare available, it is definite that more or less you have heard about them containing hyaluronic acid or HA. You might wonder how acid is even useful for the ingredients, after all, the name itself says “acid”. This article will tell you how Hyaluronic acid is different from other acids.

What is so natural about it?

Hyaluronic acid is a translucent gooey substance naturally produced by your body, especially found in the skin, connective tissue and eyes. It plays an important role in keeping skin hydrated and plumped for a…

It is important to get treatments at the right time so that your kids can enjoy a normal life ahead

By Azra Shuib | May 31 2021

Although upsetting for any parent, cleft lip and palate is quite common. Here is a statistic of how many babies are born with Cleft Lip / Cleft Palate, according to the CDC website:

· About 1 in every 1,600 babies is born with cleft lip with cleft palate in the United States.

· About 1 in every 2,800 babies is born with cleft lip without cleft palate in the United States.

· About…

What Causes Hair Loss And How Scalp Microneedling Can Help

By Kath Wong | May 28 2021

While we are busy with everyday lives, it is important to never neglect the routine to check on your hair condition at least once in a while. There are a few common factors that could affect the health of our hair and result in hair thinning or hair loss.

A medical term known for hair loss is Alopecia. The condition causes hair to fall out and prevent them from growing back. With alopecia, the hair loss pattern occurs in small patches, which may…

Although all of us are isolated, know that you are not alone

Photo by from Pexels

By Azra Shuib | May 21 2021

By now, it’s not difficult to understand why a huge number of people are overwhelmed with uncertainties and unknowns. A lot of people are working tirelessly around the clock to reduce the COVID-19 spread while some are fighting to just live calmly. These are unprecedented times, and the situation brings a lot of stress.

Those who might become more stressed include:

· People at high-risk for developing a severe case of COVID-19 if contracted · Healthcare workers and other frontline workers

Sesi rawatan yang kerap akan membantu kulit tampak lebih flawless, bersih dan sihat

Idea untuk memiliki kulit yang lebih glowing dan awet muda selalu menjadi impian semua orang; tetapi dengan jenis kulit yang berbeza, banyak dari kita mungkin telah menghabiskan banyak masa untuk menjalani sesi percubaan dan kesilapan untuk mencari rawatan wajah yang paling sesuai dengan kulit kita.

Terdapat pelbagai rawatan wajah di luar sana yang memfokuskan pada keadaan kulit yang berbeza, termasuk prosedur penutupan semula kulit yang tidak invasif ini yang dikenali sebagai Fire And Ice Facial Treatment.

Apakah Fire And Ice Facial Treatment?

Rawatan ini terkenal dengan kesannya…

700,000 people couldn’t be wrong.

There is still a chance to restore 20/20 vision

If you wear glasses for short-sightedness, you’ve probably heard of LASIK. But why LASIK?

While other refractive eye surgeries such as PRK and LASEK can also help correct myopia and are suitable for those with thin corneas, there are reasons why LASIK has been a favorite of surgeons. With LASIK, your newfound vision stabilizes at a faster rate. Downtime is at most, a week. You will also experience less discomfort during LASIK compared to PRK and LASEK. …

Rawat bawah mata yang hitam dan ‘puffy’

Mata anda boleh menampakkan banyak perkara tentang mood dan kesihatan anda

Oleh Kath Wong | 30 April 2021

Kita akan melihat banyak perubahan dalam diri kita seiring dengan peningkatan usia. Namun, banyak di antara perubahan ini merupakan perkara yang kita tidaklah ambil kisah sangat, contohnya eye bags.

Eye bags merupakan salah satu isu yang kerap dialami oleh ramai orang. Walaupun terdapat banyak produk yang membuat ‘claim’ bahawa kandungan mereka berkesan untuk menghilangkan eye bag dan mencerahkan bawah mata, namun kebanyakan produk ini tidak berkesan. …

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