Physical and Mental Benefits of Yoga

If you haven’t started doing yoga, you’re missing out

Improve your life by doing yoga regularly

By Azra Shuib | December 29 2020

Yoga has been gaining attraction from a lot of people these days, and that’s because almost anyone can do yoga. You don’t even have to be flexible or fit to do it. You also don’t have to be young, able-bodied or outdoors. It’s your choice to do demanding yoga poses or the easier ones for as short as 5 minutes or longer.

A lot of studies have shown the benefits of yoga and here are some of them:

1. Helps with weight loss

Obesity is now a global epidemic. And hectic lifestyle combined with unhealthy and irregular diets can affect your weight. Studies have proven that with consistent yoga sessions and abiding to the diet guidelines, participants can shed some weight in the long term.

2. Improves your posture

Sedentary lifestyle can make you oblivious to your body posture. Sitting all day in front of the computer with poor posture can lead to back pain as well as headaches. Yoga postures can release tension from your muscles and strengthen them too. With regular sessions, you’ll relieve body aches and be more aware of your posture in daily life.

3. Increases lung capacity

Yoga breathing exercises are beneficial in improving lung ventilation and respiratory muscles strength. Yoga postures can also help to increase oxygen intake. You will feel fresher and more energized after each session.

Apart from the physical benefits, yoga are well-known to improve mental health as well. It gives you a peace of mind and clearer thinking as well. Among the mental benefits of yoga includes:

1. Stress Reliever

Yoga is one of the most sought-after stress buster methods. People opt for yoga to reduce physical and mental stress because it works. Yoga can help to lower production of cortisol hormone, which is a stress hormone. In turn, endorphins hormone increases which help you to calm down and relax.

2. Brings A More Positive Outlook

Yoga is centered around spiritual well-being. It encourages positive feelings and emphasizes relaxation from a mindful and meditative perspective. Having a clearer mind will improve your inner strength and make you happier with overall quality of life. Since yoga lowers cortisol levels, negative emotions will also reduce in its intensity.

Stronger muscles and a happier you — this is what yoga can give you apart from other advantages. There are lots of yoga options to choose from to suit your needs and capabilities as well.

With the improvements that yoga brings, why not practice yoga while you are away on holiday? Whether it’s an adventurous or a relaxing trip, you can always fit a short yoga session in your schedule.

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