Tesslift Soft — The Mesh In-growth Technique

A Long-lasting Innovative Thread Lift Treatment

Dazzle with youthful skin

By Kath Wong | December 3 2020

Ever wonder how different types of thread lifting are actually different from one another and sometimes you just don’t really know which one to go for? In this article today we will be guiding you through another type of non-surgical thread lift for face treatment — Tesslift Soft. Tesslift Soft is another non-surgical face lift treatment available to help with aging skin; but that’s not it.

Tesslift Soft has a unique technique when it comes to function with the skin tissues beneath the outer layers: mesh in-growth technology

Mesh In-growth Technology

The threads used for Tesslift Soft is produced with extra strengthened barbs and meshes to achieve advanced results. This is where the treatment gets interesting: the specially woven polymeric monofilament meshes allows the surrounding skin tissues to grow along them.

Features of Tesslift Soft

The top of the list is that Tesslift Soft offers minimal invasive procedure with minimal operation time. The whole procedure, including giving local anesthesia, usually completes within an hour.

Moreover, the treatment provides immediate lifting effect. Tissue in-growth into the meshes of the threads inserted will begin immediately when they come into contact. With the innovation of mesh in-growth technology, Tesslift Soft has a long-lasting effect that gets better with time as the tissues would further reposition themselves gradually into the mesh and result in a more effective skin lifting.

Last but not least, the recovery time for the treatment is minimal. This is ideal to everyone who seeks pleasant experience for beauty treatments.

Treatment Areas

Tesslift Soft enables the comeback of your original natural firm and healthy skin. This treatment focuses on overcoming sagging areas which lead to face lines such as forehead lines, flaccid tissues, lower eyelids, nasolabial folds (smile lines), skin furrows (in the neck and cheek area), double chin, etc.

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